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Code of Ethics

folio8aProminence in the speaking profession is achieved with a distinctive commitment to going above and beyond to deliver top notch results and exceed expectations. As a leader in speaker certification and development, the Professional Speakers Federation (PSF) is committed to upholding guiding principles that advocate member responsibility, accountability and respect.

The Code of Ethics, developed specifically for the PSF, provides a solid foundation for excellence. Proactive strategies have been established to promote ethical behaviour and define consequences for inappropriate actions.

With clearly defined parameters in place, it is expected that members will conduct themselves in a manner that is supportive of the organization, themselves, their relationship to each other and clients around the world.

Members of the PSF are required to abide by the Code of Ethics which affirms that one will act ethically, professionally and with integrity at all times.

Through making a collective pledge to cultivate unparalleled standards across the globe, we succeed together in being recognized as #1 which is essential, because after all, your image and reputation are too important to leave to chance!