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Professional Speakers Federation Membership

Do you have a burning desire to be a professional speaker?

Are you invigorated by an opportunity
to share your message?

Does the thought of being on stage
send you soaring with excitement?

Professional speakers around the globe recognize the value of delivering a
persuasive message that leaves your audience begging for more!

Learning to speak with eloquence, charisma and clarity is a skill that develops
with practice and improves over time.

Will you be the next professional speaker that engages an audience with a
passion to make a difference?

Prominence in the speaking profession is achieved with a distinctive
commitment to going above and beyond to deliver top notch results and
exceed expectations.

As a leader in speaker certification and development, the Professional Speakers
Federation (PSF) is obligated to uphold guiding principles that advocate
member responsibility, accountability and respect.

Become a Member…


PSF Membership Benefits

Professional Enhancement – Speaking Resources

  • Solutions to the Challenges Most Speakers Face
  • Online speaking and speaker-related video training modules

Professional Enhancement – Goal Achievement Program

  • Professional Reflection & Planning (PR & P)
  • PR & P Forms
  • PR & P Progress Coaching Session, with a qualified PSF Membership Director
  • PR & P Follow-Up Coaching Session, with a qualified PSF Membership Director

Professional Enhancement, Reflection & Planning Ongoing Email Support

Enhanced profile and credibility for your web presence

  • Professional Speakers Federation Member Logo
  • Website, Social Media profiles, Business Cards, Advertising
  • PSF Membership

PSF Membership Manual

Top Notch Business Practices – Best Practices

Spreading The Word – Marketing and Promotion